CABC Staff

Pastoral Staff
Josh Vaughan, Pastor
Marilyn Wood, Pastoral Ministry Assistant

Administrative Staff
Rick Cadden, Associate Pastor of Administration
Taryn Hand, Bookkeeper
Joe Compian, Facilities Manager
Ricky Jimenez, Assistant Facilities Director
Dawn Bowles, Event Coordinator
Dan Carroll, Church Librarian

Music Staff
James Kimmel, Associate Pastor of Music and Worship
Caitlin Adams, Music Ministry Assistant
Judy Cooper, Children's Choir Coordinator
Lisa Robinson, Pianist
Landon Wilson, Worship Associate
Tim Brendler, Music Associate/Organist

The Center Staff
Jason Phillips, Minister of Recreation and Singles
Jonathan Pickle, Ministry Assistant

Education Staff
Frank Wallace, Associate Pastor of Education and Senior Adults
Kelly Poehls, Education Ministry Assistant

College Staff
Tim Stary, Minister to College Students
Kelly Poehls, College Assistant

Youth Staff
Clayton Liles, Youth Associate
Kelly Poehls, Youth Assistant
Hannah Faith, Youth Associate

Preschool/Children's Staff
Kari Behm, Children's Ministry Assistant
Emily McKeever, Mother's Day Out Coordinator

Media and Technology
Les Marshall, Director of Media and Technology
Megan Barnett, Communications Coordinator